Paris On My Mind.

I’ll admit I am somewhat of a closeted Francophile.  Or more accurately, a  Parisophile. When I flew to Paris last November for the first time, I was worried that the city would not, could not live up to the inflated expectations in my head. Could any city live up to so much hype?

Turned out, it could.

Paris is so beautiful that the constant grey rain that fell during my stay served only to increase the romance, like the melancholy beauty of an aging starlet.

I left Paris with 300 photos, a sixty Euro jar of foie gras and an abiding appreciation for The City of Light.

Nut Cart

Figures in Stone

The gull was almost as regal as the head he was sitting on.

I love the way the drapery follows the angle of the leg.

Yellow Light

Carousel at Montmartre.

My future living room.

Shop Colors

This toilet paper was on psychedelics.

"No wheely grocery cart should ever be without the handy-dandy BAGUETTE POCKET!"

I wanted to buy one but they were not for sale.

The Beautiful Nudes

At The Louvre


Presenting the Mona Lisa:

A Matter of Taste…

........& Pizza Pasta.