The Hiatus Concludes.

What does it mean to be on hiatus? so much has happened since I  last posted about my ugly mug (actual mug, not my face) almost 2 whole months ago.

I had exams. I graduated college. I went on all the trips I had been putting off. I said good bye to Herzliya and Tel Aviv. I packed up my apartment, and closed the suitcase on 3 1/2  years of living in Israel. I flew home. Ate some Thai food. Wrote my final papers. Signed up for improv classes. Was a camp counselor for a week. And am now on my way to Cape cod for the weekend.

I regret that I couldn’t blog about all the amazing things I did and saw in that last month I was in Israel. Things were too crazy, and it was a full time job just keeping my conflicting emotions about leaving this place I called home for so many years from spilling over and causing a minor environmental disaster. I’ll try and share my experiences in a series of “blogbacks”, while I continue this blog, POSTGRAD.

See you at the beach.


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