[Deep] Reflections of a [Returning] New Yorker.

“You are from New York. Therefore you are just naturally interesting”-Hannah, on Girls.

“New York, I love you but you’re bringing me down”-LCD Soundsystem

Once upon a time there was a girl who was born and raised in New York City and didn’t think about it too much. This girl (she loved to draw) rode subways to middle school and trick or treated down apartment hallways and was impressed by the lush yards of the New Jersey houses she would occasionally visit.  Surrounded by artists in an art high school, she went to groovy parties and didn’t  know they were groovy because she had nothing to compare them too.

Then the girl went off to an international college in Israel, where she was embarrassed by the excitement other people showed when she told them  her origins. It seemed her new classmates either thought her life in New York resembled  Sex and the City  (her protestations as to the ludicrousness of Carrie’s lifestyle in comparison to her meager one column a week employment status fell upon deaf ears), or a densely populated commune of liberalism and fashionable snobbery (This she denied vigorously, until she would slip up and mention a protest her friends were organizing or make an offhand remark about the return to culinary basics as evidenced by the recent popularity of organ meats on trendy restaurant menus) .

Tired of trying to defend her normalcy, the girl gave in and shut up when new acquaintances waxed on over how lucky she was, preferring the company of friends who didn’t give a damn. Upon her graduation and eventual return to New  York, the girl realized she had changed in two significant ways. One, having spent so much time away from the city with people of wildly different cultural attitudes, she  now fully realized how lucky she really was to have grown up there. And two, having spent so much time away from the city with people of wildly different cultural attitudes, she found herself looking upon the teeming masses wondering, for the first time, if all these people weren’t batshit crazy.


The Hiatus Concludes.

What does it mean to be on hiatus? so much has happened since I  last posted about my ugly mug (actual mug, not my face) almost 2 whole months ago.

I had exams. I graduated college. I went on all the trips I had been putting off. I said good bye to Herzliya and Tel Aviv. I packed up my apartment, and closed the suitcase on 3 1/2  years of living in Israel. I flew home. Ate some Thai food. Wrote my final papers. Signed up for improv classes. Was a camp counselor for a week. And am now on my way to Cape cod for the weekend.

I regret that I couldn’t blog about all the amazing things I did and saw in that last month I was in Israel. Things were too crazy, and it was a full time job just keeping my conflicting emotions about leaving this place I called home for so many years from spilling over and causing a minor environmental disaster. I’ll try and share my experiences in a series of “blogbacks”, while I continue this blog, POSTGRAD.

See you at the beach.