Matkot and Mojitos; Beach Inauguration

The first real beach day.The sand is all uneven and gravelly from the winter storms and the sea is nowhere near the hot soup it will soon become. People start peeling off their protective winter layers and lay back absorbing the golden rays.

Plok! Plok! PlokPlok!  the sound of Israeli beach tennis (called matkot) being played on those wooden paddles is usually so annoying; now, so early in the season, it sounds like the sweet summer music it was meant to be.



3 comments on “Matkot and Mojitos; Beach Inauguration

  1. YG says:

    great post. already miss the beach…

  2. kaie w. bird says:

    Today really was an amazing day, no!?! And I am a Mojitos girl to the tee! Those things have always been my drink of choice. This is why I love reading other ex-pats posts on Israel, because even though I’ve noticed those sounds so many times before, I would have never thought about it exactly like that or wrote it out as such. Yay for more and more sunny beach days ahead! Have a great weekend yoush!

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