Loss of Twinkies, Loss of Self? A Crisis of Nostalgia.

The Twinkie,rendered in online sketchpad.

Last week, Hostess, the company that provided prepackaged cake things to millions of children all over the United States, announced that they will be filing for bankruptcy for the second time in a decade.

Apparently, cupcakes do not good business sense make….

Maybe they could save a few dollars by firing the culinary genius* who wrote a “Twinkies Sushi” recipe on their website (Check it out here )

This event is causing a lot of hullabaloo. For the first time in many people’s lives they must ask themselves the question: What would happen if there were no more Twinkies?

The answer: it depends.

Twinkies are, after all, made of sugar plastic and  yellow foam. Their value seems to lie in our hearts, nestled in the little box we label “childhood”.  No kid (including yours truly) could be unattracted to Twinkies-or to any Hostess cake product for that matter (Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Sno balls etc….) When you are a kid you don’t look at a Twinkie and think:

” Ugh. Look at that overly sweet, chemical-laden cake-tube wrapped in plastic made with 37 ingredients I can’t pronounce.”

you think: “Cake! vanilla cake with cream! wrapped in plastic for my convenience! Yes!”

Twinkies represent a time in everyone’s life when they did not know what omega-3 was, a time before gym membership, corn syrup, trans fats and supplements. A time when the more neon a food was, the more you longed for it in your lunchbox (fruit roll-ups, anyone?). While many adults haven’t eaten a Twinkie in years, the thought of Twinkies disappearing from the supermarket shelves removes forever that which represented sweet, cream filled innocence.

If I was in America right now,  I would buy a Twinkie and eat it-just for old times’ sake. Would it be delicious? Probably. Would I feel kind of nauseous after? You bet. But that’s because I am a grown-up now, and Twinkies have 220 grams of sodium.

*Speaking of culinary genius, there is also a Twinkies cookbook, containing both sweet AND savory recipes. Eureka!


2 comments on “Loss of Twinkies, Loss of Self? A Crisis of Nostalgia.

  1. lightbox3d says:

    “If I was in America right now, I would buy a Twinkie and eat it-just for old times’ sake”..you and me both..but tough to find in Switzerland!

  2. Unfortunately, health-crazed parents denied me the privilege of Hostess snacks growing up. But I did love them Doritos!

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