I Think They Stole Those Horses….Adventures in Jaffa and Ramla.

Friday morning dawned clear and bright. Seventy degrees. I traveled to Jaffa to meet some friends for hummus at Abu Hassan. Abu Hassan is considered to be Good Hummus.

We sat on the wall with other Abu Hassan patrons, dipping our pita again and again. It was so freakin’ beautiful outside, hot even for Israel…everyone was drunk with sunshine.

The blissful silence was suddenly shattered by the urgent clatter of hooves. Hooves? Yes. Scrambling up the street were two spirited horse being ridden bareback by two very un-horseman-like figures, one trying to make a call on his cell phone. The horses didnt look too happy, and the men riding them had obviously never ridden bareback before. They were bouncing around in a most alarming fashion. I lifted my camera to take a photo-“No Pictures! No Pictures!” they yelled at me (but not before I got the shot).

“I think they just stole those horses.” I remarked.

The Jaffa promenade was full of others enjoying the sun.

As darkness began to fall, I started to make my way down to Ramla, where I was invited to an Arab-Christian Christmas party. Orthodox Christians who follow the Julian Calendar celebrate Christmas a little later than the standard Dec.25. There was food, food and more food. Plus a snow machine and inflatable bears/clown mascots for the kids.

The bear was cool. But the clown was kind of freaking me out.

Some selfless family member volunteered to prance around in these inflatable costumes.

 3AM. With a full belly and filled with good cheer I went to bed.

The End.


One comment on “I Think They Stole Those Horses….Adventures in Jaffa and Ramla.

  1. Suzie Ivy says:

    What a great blog and I’m so glad we found each other. I’m off to read more!

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