Hair of the Dog.

Bloody Mary.

The morning after New Year’s is never very fun, as is the morning after any hard-partying, alcohol-imbibing  night. You wake up dry -mouthed, eyes crusty and light sensitive, with the feeling that a troop of little gnomes with hard hats are doing some serious construction work inside your brain.

If you’re lucky, then you and your gnomes can stay home and rest under a cool washcloth. If, like me, you need to attend a full day of classes then more serious intervention is in order. Looking semi-presentable is possible if the outfit is kept simple: loafers, loose jeans and a sweater. Big sunglasses (the bigger the better) are a necessity. For the ladies, makeup is unnecessary as there is enough from last night smudged under your lids for you to look like you spent a long time that morning making a perfect “smoky eye”.

The final touch: Hair of the Dog. Hair of the Dog is an old, old expression (as in, before Shakespeare old) referring to the once-common practice of treating a rabid  dog bite with the hair of the dog that bit you. Did this cure rabies? probably not. But it does help with hangovers.The Hair of the Dog refers to the classic hangover cure of drinking something with alcohol (and usually protein) in the morning after some heavy drinking to get you started on your day. It basically works because hangovers are caused by your body working really hard to process all the residual sugars and alcohol you stuffed into it the night before, leaving you tired, sluggish and with a pounding headache. Drinking something with alcohol/protein/spice gives the body something new to work on, leaving alone the residuals and giving you the illusion of relief.

There’s all kinds of Hair of the Dog. Some involve a raw eggs. Raw eggs make me nauseous on a good day, so those are out as an option for mornings when my stomach feels like a jellyfish. My favorite is a Bloody Mary. Tomato juice (for protein and vitamins), Worcestershire sauce (for flavor) salt, pepper, hot paprika (for spice) and a dash of vodka to bring it all together.

It’s January 1st, ice cubes are clinking, and I’m ready for the day.

Happy New Year.


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