ROME. In Ten Hours.

The Faithful Fiat.

Ten hours in Rome is kind of insulting, to Rome. Ten hours leaves you hardly enough time for anything-no Vatican, no museums, no leisurely tour of those fountains from Angels & Demons (joke).

Ten hours is just enough time to  sit down under a blooming trellis and order a bottle of wine, a  plate of antipasti and Spaghetti Carbonara. Mozzarella in Rome put what I’d been eating all my life to shame. So much so that after finishing the Spaghetti Carbonara I ordered another plate and ate it. By myself, while my mother watched in disbelief .

Then Tiramisu. Then Cappuccino.

 What to do with the remaining six hours in Rome? Hop on a tour bus and drive around and around; into the deepening twilight of this most beautiful of cities.

Who knew Roman gladiators were such bros?


I bought these prints from a vendor in this open-air book market. What can I say? I’m a sucker for eye contact and snazzy  hats.




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